Future-proofing the Caribbean

The WYYSE group builds and incubates technology first companies  with the sole purpose of transforming the digital landscape of the Caribbean. We build technology and provide operational and capital support to ventures focused on the future.

What we do


We see opportunities and capitalize. We disrupt. We are a team of operators and technologists who build market leading companies and services.

Our Companies


We invest in daring entrepreneurs looking to build world class services and offerings through the OWN Foundation.



We develop smart solutions rooted in technology to  improve domestic opportunity and to drive economic advancement in the region.

What we do

Our Companies



We have an active portfolio of domestic and regional solutions



Target customer base across the Caribbean and Central America



The  addressable market for our consumer and service based solutions

“The Wyyse Group, was born of my desire to disrupt the traditional landscape of 'the norm' in The Bahamas and The Caribbean with a powerful combination of smart tech, digital ingenuity, and bold ideas.”
Sebastian Bastian / Founder & Chairman
Our Founder

Sebastian Bastian

Serial Entrepreneur |  Disruptor

I learned early on in life that doors would not be held open for me- I would always have to build my own.